• The extended deadline for applying application under DCIS Scheme is 24th May 2022(till 2400 hours)

  • DCIS 2022 Timeline

    1. Launch of Call for Proposals
    2. Last date for online submission
    3. First Level scrutiny by TCOE India
    4. Due Diligence by TEC
    5. Approval by DoT Apex Committee
    6. Signing of Agreement


    Astrome Technologies Pvt Ltd

    A Multi-beam E-band product, GigaMesh that packs multiple Point-to-Point E-band radios in one thereby distributing the cost of the device over multiple links

    CDSpace Robotics Pvt Ltd

    Gimbaled Camera Payload with 3 axis stabilizations for long range UAV/Drone based ISR application capable of ISR using Day and Night camera

    Coral Telecom Ltd

    Seamless communication across various telecom protocols & devices with a common switching matrix.

    COSGrid Systems Pvt Ltd

    NetSecOps platform - Net Security, SD-WAN & User Experience, Multi-4G(5G) radio Bonding for quality streaming, Edge computing / IoT support enabled by SDN/NFV

    Dirghadhi Technology Pvt Ltd

    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) having detection capability of different types of targets such as mines, cavities, metal pipes, plastic bottles etc. (up to approx depth 1-2 m)

    Elena Geo Systems Pvt Ltd

    Developing timing products that will translate the advantages of IRNSS for the Indian Public in the time critical applications

    Evelabs Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Dripo is a wireless infusion monitor that can be clamped to IV set to monitor drip rates, sends information and alerts on the status of drip to nursing station enabling nurses to monitor IV drips maintaining safety and efficacy.

    Innogle Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Kadalcompass coastal/Deep Fishing is a Digital Device IoUT and 5G enabled online/offline server to Map Potential Fishing Zone visually and integrated with UWD device, Help avoid By-catch/Overfishing.

    Lekha Wireless

    Stacks developed for the RAN are indigenously developed and the stacks are platform independent. Only Indian company to develop 5GNR L1 stack

    Log 9 Materials Scientific Pvt Ltd

    It is a high-power electrochemical battery pack with intelligent power electronics that facilitates high discharge rates (6C) and ultra-fast charging (10C) capability also provides an elongated battery life of upto 20 years with extended cycle life (>15000), and wide range of operating temperature making it desirable for high-power applications.

    Niral Networks Pvt Ltd

    Niral Networks is developing an open, affordable and portable Network Operating System Software for private 5G Network called SAFENET, that is dynamically deployed on a disaster site, army camp or industrial where the existing communication network may have been destroyed or does not exist.

    Nunam Technologies India Pvt Ltd

    Nunam is enabling reuse of lithium-ion battery packs and increasing the capacities of lead acid batteries for reusing these batteries in stationary energy storage systems such as telecom towers.

    Prayogik Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Thermoelectric Module Static generator DC Power (TMSG-DC) is a highly reliable remote power supply unit working with natural gas or propane. It generates electrical power converting directly heat energy into electricity

    Signalchip Innovations Pvt Ltd

    The chip is an optimal 5G RF chip targeted at highly optimal implementation of 5G Remote Units significantly reducing the form factor, real estate and bill of materials enabling development of highly optimum Remote Unit systems for 5G

    U4U Sociotech Pvt Ltd

    The traffic violation reporting system allows common citizen to report the traffic violation with a simple click of button through a device mounted on the vehicle.

    Velmenni Research & Development Pvt Ltd

     To create optical wireless communication technology-based wireless backhaul solution for last mile connectivity which can be used for providing wireless backhaul to 4G/5G small cells.

    Vyorius Drones Pvt Ltd

     A SaaS platform for mobile unmanned robots, providing direct plug and play while bringing all of the command, control, supervision, management, asset tracking, video streaming and maintenance tools in one place