Use Case: 4G/5G Optical Wireless Backhaul and last mile connectivity Solution

Success Story: Velmenni has received DCIS funding at a time when we had proof of concept. DCIS funding has helped us create a commercial grade product (TRL8). After successfully completing the project, Velmenni received a good response from Indian Telecom operators and ISPs such as Airtel, Tata TeleServices. Velmenni also got a good response from the international market for the same product.

Velmenni’s next plan is to complete the on-going pilots at various sites and then scale up the technology for the Indian and International market. Velmenni has also been working on creating longer range products (5km) to provide connectivity in the remotest/rural part of the country.

In 2021:

Optical wireless communication technology-based wireless backhaul solution for last mile connectivity which can be used for providing wireless backhaul to 4G/5G small cells outdoor unit

In 2022:

Li-Fi technology provides seamless wireless connectivity in an Indoor environment. Simple to connect, smooth run, secure function, and interference-free data transfer