Sooktha Consulting Pvt Ltd

M/s Sooktha provide Layer 2 and Layer 3 software for 5G NR gNB. Our software runs on standard hardware. It is easily portable to multiple processor architectures. heir software supports multiple Layer 1 implementations via a standard interface. Their software can be deployed with the Layer 1 and RF module integrated or with a part of the Layer 1 and the RF module in a separate Radio Unit (RU). This allows our end-customers the choice of hardware platform, Layer 1, and deployment.

Value preposition
  • gNB SA L2/L3 software integrated with L1/RU from partner for full gNB soln.
  • gNB tested with partner 5G core and commercial phones (Samsung, OnePlus)
  • Campus trials in Q3 22
  • Key feature set:
    • 3GPP Release 15 Compliant
    • Single Sector, up to 100 MHz Operating Bandwidth
    • Up to 128 active/connected users, 16 users per slot
    • Downlink 4 layers and Uplink 2 layers
    • QoS Aware Scheduler