Use cases:
  • Private Networks - Railways, Campus, Enterprise
  • Public Networks - Disaggregated Small cells, Pico cells, Micro cells
  • Test Labs - 5G Use case labs

Success story ( that includes how DCIS funding has boosted them):

Sooktha has developed 5G NR gNodeB based on the NXP ecosystem. Sooktha has utilized the DCIS 2 funds to enhance operability for the 5G NR gNodeB by developing an O-RAN Alliance and 3GPP- defined standard interface towards the SMO. This functionality on the gNodeB eases the management of the product during deployments. We have already interoperated our gNodeB Management interface with multiple companies that have developed the management components.

Now we are doing lab tests and interoperability tests with various Indian companies and would shortly be doing Field trials/PoCs with potential customers.

Vision/Way forward/Future plans For Media coverage required.

Sooktha has a strong RAN system expertise and has developed world-class solutions in 4G for the Global markets for different verticals including Railways, Rural broadband, and Test & Measurement. Now with our 5G products, we are at the cusp of entering the Indian market with our indigenous solutions. Sooktha would be partnering with various Indian/Global players to bring out the full RAN solution.

In 2022:

Layer 2 and Layer 3 software for 5G NR gNB runs on software on standard hardware. Easily portable to multiple processor architectures, supports multiple Layer 1 implementations via a standard interface. Deployed with the Layer 1 and RF module integrated or with a part of the Layer 1 and the RF module in a separate Radio Unit (RU) with choice of hardware platform, Layer 1, and deployment.

In 2023:

Layer 2 And Layer 3 Software For 5G NR GNB. Interface Between Layer 2 And Layer 1 will Be Based On 5G NR FAPI Interface, Standardized by The Small Cellorum (SCF). Deployed In an Integrated Unit Having the RF Module in Disaggregated Mode