Smart Villages

CEQU Labs has achieved a remarkable milestone with the development and execution of the Village Integrated Command and Control Center (VICCC). This cutting-edge solution has brought seamless connectivity and digital transformation to rural areas.

The VICCC has proven its versatility through various use cases, revolutionizing communities. By integrating real-time monitoring, emergency response mechanisms, and advanced analytics, it has significantly enhanced security and safety. Crime prevention, improved disaster management, and effective crowd control during events have created a safer environment.

The VICCC's impact extends beyond security. It has connected students to digital learning resources, enabling quality education through e-education. Additionally, it has facilitated telemedicine services, bringing healthcare expertise to remote villages, thereby improving accessibility and outcomes in e-health.

The guidance and support from the Telecom Center of Excellence and the Department of Telecommunications have been instrumental in our success. With their assistance, we successfully demonstrated the AI-powered surveillance system in Maa Shakambari Devi Shakti Peeth, multiple villages, and prominent events. We are grateful for their support and remain committed to empowering more communities and transforming lives through technology.

In 2022:

Integrated Video Surveillance and Security system built on an AI powered OEM IP based IoT camera relayed from servers designed to bypass Chinese servers powered with additional layer of security through Blockchain authentication at the login stage for users. Provides AI based face recognition detection technologies as SaaS Platform.

Deployed in around 27 unconnected villages in UP with spectrum offload from service providers