DCIS Star Achievers

TCOE India has supported 126 project beneficiaries (startups/MSMEs) under the DCIS scheme till date. Majority have started getting very good market traction and are generating good revenue.

Its with happiness and pride we present the following seven (7) beneficiaries who have sent us letters that they have got incredible support and have completed their project successfully. Since, now becoming self-sustaining, they have voluntarily expressed their willingness to surrender their last tranche for the benefit of other startups.

The list of such star entrepreneurs are as follows:-

Nabstract Technologies Private Limited

Nabstract.io is building a portfolio of network applications that provides developers of different industry verticals like gaming & media, industrial IOT, finance, healthcare, V2X platforms to use APIs that expose device, location, network quality, service experience & other network related parameters utilizing the public or private 5G network function capabilities.

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OptimusLogic Systems India Private Limited

Build India's 1st Satellite 5G Smartphone - The Optimus Rhino 5G Satcom. We will add Satellite connectivity within the smartphone to use anywhere for day-to-day secure transactions, communication and emergency services.

ck@optimuselectronics.com View Document

Kratikal Tech Private Limited

Code review software designed to be automated and efficient to review a large volume of code quickly and efficiently. Includes static code analysis and dynamic analysis, best practice guidelines and integration with other tools with collaboration features

pavan@kratikal.com View Document

Hetrogenous Communication Technologies Private Limited

  • To design, develop and optimize the femto-cell modem for 5G and B5G systems that enable smart radio environments and support systems with on demand beam coverage for enhanced mapping and localization controlled through algorithms embedded in an FPGA system.
  • To reduce latency and improve throughput by appropriate design of time-coding sequences towards the generation of desired frequency components for dynamic sensing of 5G, IoT and M2M devices.
  • To test and validate the developed B5G modem
  • rajesha@ece.sastra.ac.in View Document

Amantya Technologies Private Limited

Develop standards-compliant 5G standalone (SA) UPF is optimized to meet high-performance requirements of the 5G network and enables an easy-to-configure, future-ready, and adaptable data path. It Supports The Quality Of Service (QoS) And Quality Of Experience (QoE) Requirements Of 5G, Including Low Latency, Dense Connectivity, High Bandwidth, And Multi-tenancy, Ensuring Higher Throughput

Gaurav.sharma@amantyatech.com View Document

LIvNsense Technologies Private Limited

Pioneering industrial AI platform venture that aims at maximizing the profitability of the process manufacturing industry with key focus on efficiency, energy optimization and GHG carbon reduction.

Kumar@livnsense.com View Document

Chipspirit Technologies Private Limited

Hardware data diodes are full hardware-based solutions for cybersecurity. Does not contain any microcontroller or any core and it is fully based on fpgas for all the executions.

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DoT/TCOE India will further support them and help in enhancing both domestic and global market traction.