Beneficiaries under DCIS 2023-24

Beneficiaries under DCIS 2023-24

Amantya Technologies Private Limited

Develop standards-compliant 5G standalone (SA) UPF is optimized to meet high-performance requirements of the 5G network and enables an easy-to-configure, future-ready, and adaptable data path. It Supports The Quality Of Service (QoS) And Quality Of Experience (QoE) Requirements Of 5G, Including Low Latency, Dense Connectivity, High Bandwidth, And Multi-tenancy, Ensuring Higher Throughput

Arishti Info Labs Private Limited

Arishti develops cybersecurity products and provides services in the domain of the industrial ecosystem for the upcoming Industry 4.0. As a team, we are building tools to secure the vast terrain of the Indian industry. Arishti Info Labs Pvt. Ltd. works tirelessly to secure industries from cyber-attacks. Securing the industrial ecosystem has been critical for national security from a financial and military standpoint.


Developments in augmented reality(AR) systems for cultural and tourists landmarks

Artificial Learning Systems India Private Limited(Artelus)

Create a 5G enabled remotely operable ophthalmic patient management system. The system has four sections viz., screening, analysis, prognosis and counselling; all of which can be controlled remotely for rural patients

Autosys Industrial Solutions Private Limited

Universal IoT device that can be plugged & played into any industrial machinery / sensor regardless of the make and the age of the machine. Revolutionising the industrial space with quad software platform that provides 360 degree automation from data acquisition to ERP automation.

Ayati Devices Private Limited

Develop & refine a device known as Angiocam, a noninvasive imaging device that uses laser to evaluate the blood flow within the small blood vessels in the foot and to predict the healing potential of foot ulcers.

Banyan Intelligence Private Limited

Advanced observability and AIOps platform for connected applications. Under DCIS, company will enhance the 5G observability platform with programmable speed tests.

Bariflo Labs Private Limited

Intelligent and secure lorawan-blockchain driven meshnet (LWBDM) integrated water quality monitoring sensors for aquaculture practices. To mitigate the impact of climate change but also scale up their profitability than traditional systems by at least two-fold.

Benlycos Private Limited

Solving the last mile internet connectivity for speed, availability, reliability and security by combining multiple forms of available internet connections at any time and location.

Chipspirit Technologies Private Limited

Hardware data diode is full hardware-based solution for cybersecurity. Does not contain any microcontroller or any core and it is fully based on fpgas for all the executions.

CIMware Private Limited

Next generation Top of the Rack switch called CIM (Composable Infrastructure Module) converges storage, network and compute together in A1 RU chassis, in the datacenter using smart fabric switch replacing the current ethernet network with the PCIe network.

Coral Telecom Limited

Design development of A family 5G CPE devices like video enabled desk phones with and without enhanced level of security / cab radio with high gain antenna for vehicle mounted cab radio in ruggedised shell for railway cabins or tanks / cab radio with enhanced security VPN / QKD.

Coratia Technologies Private Limited

Develop technical solutions in underwater civil structure inspection like dams, bridges, etc., Pipeline inspection, and ship dockyard via underwater vehicle which is equipped with the latest technologies like laser scaling, bathymetry, crack detection, automation in NDT, real-time 3D model generation, etc.

Digicred Technologies Private Limited

Develop solution for how premises and high security zones are accessed, consumed and experienced through A safe, human-centric and scalable ai-driven approach

DNN Wireless Technologies Private Limited

Beyond 5G wireless repeater device, which provide radio coverage in underground/basements/parking lots/tunnels/shopping malls etc

DSPWorks Automation & Wireless Network Solutions Private Limited

Home automation solution with indigenous IP in the sub-Ghz as well as 2.4ghz product profiles

Echelon Edge Private Limited

"Enterprise billing (Partner Revenue Settlement): Our application tackles revenue leakage in the 5G era. Enterprises, ISPs, and utilities benefit from enhanced data and touch points, with MIS and reporting features capturing customer behavior for personalized services. Big Data BI & Analytics: Our AI-driven solution handles the influx of data from diverse devices in 5G networks. It presents structured information and empowers customers to generate custom reports through business intelligence, catering to their specific needs and use cases."

Enhanced Communications Technologies Private Limited

The 5G-Network in Box (5G-NIB), Integrated with unified communication (UC) as a software defined, mobile first business communication network offers affordable infrastructure to develop advanced 5G Use-cases.

Finaara Technologies Private Limited

5G private network enabled AVRM – world first standalone automated verifiable remittance and money exchange machines to perform both traditional and digitalised process without middleman

Gigayasa Wireless Private Limited

Gigayasa offers system-level simulators/toolkits for PHY layer as core products. Companies use our products/services for network design & optimization, algorithm design & optimization and designing new standards for emerging technologies. In academia, our simulators/toolkits are trusted by leading academic institutes to enhance their students' comprehension of wireless communication.

I2SAGE Technologies Private Limited

Context-aware AI/ML algorithms based techniques for a significant reduction in network traffic (80-90% reduction) and energy consumption (90 – 99 % reduction) footprint of IOT device, making it sustainable (energy harvested, compact form factor Parameterized edge computing of AI/ML Smart Data Pruning and smart sensing algorithm for reducing network traffic and energy consumption.)

Innogle Technologies Private Limited

Floater cum drone, for marine search and rescue, intruders identification mid sea, monitoring & identifying fishing boats & men/ with bio metric / aadhar authenticating

Invincible Networks Private Limited

A single platform to validate / authenticate user on any platform using a normal computer system or mobile phone

Kesava Yatheemdra Infotech Research Private Limited

100 Gbps pure software based network generation system to test a variety of network equipment like network cards, cables, switches, bridges, routers, ISPs etc

Kratikal Tech Private Limited

Code review software designed to be automated and efficient to review a large volume of code quickly and efficiently. Includes static code analysis and dynamic analysis, best practice guidelines and integration with other tools with collaboration features

Kruxworks Technologies Private Limited

Develop a platform based on IoT using multiple communication technologies for use in different verticals for various security applications like tracking, tracing and validations in any area

Lekha Wireless Private Limited

Development of open RAN compliant radio in N28 band (700 Mhz) for out-door operation in the 4T4R configuration. Includes development of in-door small cell radio unit in N78 band in 4T4R configuration.

LivNSense Technologies Private Limited

Industrial AI & Digital Twins platform that aims at driving the profitability of the manufacturing industry with key focus on Safety, Efficiency and GHG Carbon Reduction

Matrix Shell Technologies Private Limited

Develop a telecom security testing suite for telecom operators. Which consist of different and scanning, analysis engines. To include configurations compliance manager, route leak detector, GPON last mile probe

MCLabs Private Limited

Mclabs MCCS international standard (PS-LTE) compliant for emergency service providers to communicate seamlessly across different agencies, different state borders and even different international borders integrating proprietary solutions which use legacy technologies for mission critical communication.

Medaara Health Care Technologies Private Limited

Develop innovative, 5G enabled plug and play medoeye, aggregate all critical medical diagnostic parameter in box with plug and play facilities of existing medical diagnostic device along with magnetic chip enabled card to store the patient details and record all operation which saves digitalisation cost of hospital management software or EHR or EMR.

MemSmart Private Limited

Develop solution for enterprise customers to provide out of band key management system based on handshaking between devices through out of band wireless transceiver at the edge using near field communication.

Menthosa Solutions Private Limited

Menthosa combines the best of technology and innovation to create user-friendly drone and rover-based solutions for surveillance, efficient working and optimized productivity.

Neelgreev Systems Private Limited

Trusted non-3gpp gateway function [TNGF] is gateway node that helps converge the 5G networks and wifi networks across the private networks, hotspots

Nibiaa Devices Private Limited

Solving the packaged food industry process issues and supply chain traceability challenge using iot, blockchain and AI technology.

Niral Networks Private Limited

Comprehensive cloud-native 5G core and edge infrastructure platform for enterprises, easily integrated with commodity hardware and 5G radio to provide an affordable low latency, reliable indoor/outdoor connectivity using emerging applications like drone, robotics, IOT/M2M, AR/VR, AGV, AI in Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Grid, Railway, Port, Shipping, Warehouse and Manufacturing industries.

OptimusLogic Systems India Private Limited

Build India's 1st Satellite 5G Smartphone - The Optimus Rhino 5G Satcom. We will add Satellite connectivity within the smartphone to use anywhere for day-to-day secure transactions, communication and emergency services.

Optm Media Solutions Private Limited

5G Broadcast CPE - ATSC 3.0 home gateway with integrated WiFi Access point

Prophaze Technologies Private Limited

ProphazeiIs a cloud native security solution provider. Prophaze WAF/WAAP (API security) secures customer web applications and APIs without any compromises. The advanced technology does not require one to install any expensive hardware devices. Its high availability system ensures that real-time applications will run without any downtime. Above all the cloud native architecture allows integration into DevOps life cycle so that security starts where development begins.

QPIAI India Private Limited

QpiAI is developing QpiAIsense- scalable Quantum Hardware platform that will be used in controlling Quantum computers. QpiAIsense is at TRL7, with initial 2-channell prototype done. We will be developing a commercial sample of 8 to 16 channel Quantum Control Hardware. We are currently only supplier in Asia for quantum hardware platform that is important for building Quantum computer.

Quanfluence Private Limited

Develop a balanced homodyne detector in coherent communications, quantum optics and quantum information processing with continuous variables. Detector uses high efficiency photo-diodes with anti-reflective coatings and A low capacitance.

Resonous Technologies Private Limited

Resonous 5G O-RU hardware and software development wrt DCIS2 both enterprise and telco grade core for all microservices delivery (5G core earlier 3/4G as block now subdivided into multiple services)

Salcit Technologies Private Limited

Swaasa, is able to detect respiratory diseases by analyzing cough sounds remotely. Aim is to transform respiratory health screening in an affordable accessible manner. The plan to customize Swaasa solution for telecom users, and also explore more integrated use cases with evolving 5G telecom technology.

Scytale Alpha Private Limited

Develop solution to secure communication using quantum seed generator for key generation, strong encryption and A post quantum key exchange mechanism for transfer of keys. Architecture is hardened for immunity against attacks by quantum computers being developed by china.

SenseGiz Technologies Private Limited

COIN Fusion is the combination of multiple sensors and 5G/WiFi Gateway. It works on user replaceable battery. The base part is made in metal to capture accurate sensor readings.

Signalchip Innovations Private Limited

To develop/enhance 5G chipset ips and corresponding software for its next generation chipset offering with high capacity, high throughput solutions. Enable high performance BBU, RRU, O-DU, O-RU solutions.

Signaltron Systems Private Limited

Signaltron is building A 5G/4G O-DU/BBU system for 5G and 4G deployments, with certain enhancements to the existing system are proposed, like Multiple O-RU, massive MIMO, TDD support, H/W accelerators for hi-phy, NSA mode, higher speed fronthaul options wrt DCIS2

SMPSElectric Control Private Limited

Development of SMART HYBRID SMPS a simple, and low-cost hybrid power supply system to integrate roof top solar, utility grid, battery bank and diesel generator together in plug and play module to deliver uninterrupted AC and DC power supply simultaneously and uninterruptedly.

Sooktha Consulting Private Limited

Layer 2 and Layer 3 software for 5G NR GNB. Interface Bbtween Llyer 2 and Layer 1 will be based on 5G NR FAPI interface, standardized by the small cellorum (SCF). Deployed in an integrated unit having the RF module in disaggregated mode.

Starbru techsystems Pvt. Ltd.

Starbru is working on a device to cater 5G backhaul communication. The system would be capable to both in digital data & voice communication. The product carries combination of hardware & software. The application areas are Defence , Disaster Management, Forest Security etc.

Superceuticals Private Limted

Solving lack of healthcare facilities and medicos in the underserved areas of our country (tier 2/3 cities and rural india). With a kiosk-based healthcare system, ai-driven software for teleconsultation, clinical diagnosis of over 90 parameters (including A lipid profile, hba1c, blood profile, dengue, malaria, etc).

SuperQ Technologies India Private Limited

SuperQ is building Superconducting Single Photon Detector for Quantum Secure Communication. SuperQ SuperSens offers the combined capability of high efficiency Single Photon Detection at high temporal resolution with robust cryogenics using thin film Superconducting materials.

Telperium Labs

Frugal devices - democratize the AR-VR use cases on 5G on smart phones for masses.

Telperium Labs

To build METAVERSE for WEB USERS who want to have social experiences with their friends, family and colleagues and give them an opportunity to earn money

Terminus Circuits Private Limited

Develop high-speed interface serial links products PCIe gen4, USB 3.2 gen2, PCIe timer, 16gbps SERDES, PCIe gen2 IPs, siliconized, packaged and ready for taking upto electrical characterization and protocol validation & system level deployment.

U4U Sociotech Private Limited

Introducing a revolutionary platform for crowdsourcing of road data, empowering citizens to contribute vital information on traffic violations, road conditions, and more. Embraced by government agencies such as Traffic Department, PWD, and Police, this innovation facilitates informed decision-making for a safer and efficient transportation ecosystem.

Treacle Technologies Private Limited

Autonomous deception system for organizational(it/OT) networks

Ushva Clean Technology Pvt Ltd

A next-generation M2M IoT edge device /gateway and dashboard used for remote data control equipped with device management and analytics

Vacus Tech Private Limited

LEO orbits offers very high carrier to noise ratio to support high speed data rate satellite communications. Active electronically steered arrays (AESA) are probably the only option due to the fast satellite tracking requirements. Deliverable: Hardware and final report for Realization of 4x4 16 element antenna array for Satcom Application with beamforming and beam steering functionalities.

Vyom Digital Services Private Limited

Device enhancement for integrated health & skill services, in rural areas for vitals measurement required by the doctor and with the triage feature prioritized treatment based on severity. With connected features, doctors can easily access all the previous data of the patient.


Vasbeam Private Limited

LEO orbits offers very high carrier to noise ratio to support high speed data rate satellite communications. Active electronically steered arrays (AESA) are probably the only option due to the fast satellite tracking requirements. Deliverable: Hardware and final report for Realization of 4x4 16 element antenna array for Satcom Application with beamforming and beam steering functionalities.

Webyfy IoT Private Limited

Intelligent IoT solution that contains hundreds of hardware and software components assembled in a LEGO manner; to form IoT applications

Wireless 4 Scale Laboratory Private Limited

Developing strategic solutions for transforming theoretical deep research into experimental, with COTS hardware & open source software based end-to-end 5G communication systems


Wisig Networks Private Limited

Indigenous design and development of flexible radio front end for the 5G sub6 FR1 band, specifically N78 band, integrating with A flexible baseband system and deploying this solution in pilot cell-sites in variety of environments

Xovian Aerospace Private Limited

Radio based geospatial & signal intelligence satellite infrastructure for providing high accuracy & low latency 24x7 real-time geospatial data services.

Zodhya Technologies Private Limited

AI-based devices save energy by 30% and lower emissions, combo of hardware and software using IoT/ 4G enabled, optimising energy consumption and AI-based algorithms.