Heterogenous Communication Technologies Pvt Ltd

To design, develop and optimize the femto-cell modem for 5G and B5G systems that enable smart radio environments and support systems with on demand beam coverage for enhanced mapping and localization controlled through algorithms embedded in an FPGA system.

To reduce latency and improve throughput by appropriate design of time-coding sequences towards the generation of desired frequency components for dynamic sensing of 5G, IoT and M2M devices.

To test and validate the developed B5G modem

Prototype: 5G Antenna for Sub-6GHz Application

Solution: 5G is the key front-end component towards the evolution of small cell in Fifth Generation (5G) systems. The project aims to develop frequency selective surface antenna for sub 6GHz 5G application.

Uniqueness: Development of multi-band antenna for 5G, IoT and LoRA application