R2E Technologies Private Limited

R2E Technologies, a R&D company focusing on building next generation technologies for commute, human tracking & monitoring. A team of Tech and Research focused mindset people impacting the R&D work culture, by bringing Innovations and helping startups, individuals and enterprises One of core product, RAHI is Hybrid Indigenous IoT enabled Patented Technology (Granted Patent: 343445) which helps to track and monitor the users on real-time, in presence and absence of network.

First Level of Testing Done: in Dehradun Uttarakhand, near hill region of Sudhowala; and also, in Rishikesh

Stage of Product: First level of testing on prototype is done. Patent is granted for technology. SaaS based model is underway of development. With 25L of STPI Fund, product development is underway.

Funds from another Agency: STPI Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Purpose: Under Chunauti 2.0 for technology development, equity-based SEED fund of 25 Lakh is sanctioned to the R2E Technologies Private Limited, (managed by PONTAQ)