Use cases :

a. Successfully demonstrated the World’s first Multi-link E-Band Radio. In a commercial pilot project awarded to Astrome by the Indian Department of Telecommunications, the company has deployed E-band radios in Sompura Gram Panchayat in Karnataka that connect to Nidavanda and Pemmanahalli Villages. One Radio at Sompura Gram Panchayat connects to peripheral radios at Nidavanda and Pemmanahalli villages

b. Partnered with a domestic LTE company to provide 4G services at Keelara in rural Karnataka

c. Successfully tested and implemented communication at a 10.8 km distance between Mandya and Keelara in Karnataka

3. Success story ( that includes how DCIS funding has boosted them) :

GigaMesh is a revolutionary Multi-beam E-band Radio, capable of simultaneous communication from one tower to multiple towers, delivering multi-gigabit-per-second throughput to each of these towers. This compact one-box solution comes equipped with an integrated antenna and uses advanced digital beamforming technology to create multiple links with just one radio.

Astrome, the company behind GigaMesh, has received support from several notable Government of India programs, including the Digital Communication Innovation Square (DCIS) under the Ministry of Telecommunication. In 2021 and 2022, Astrome was the recipient of the TCOE DCIS 5G Grant awarded by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT).

Due to the DCIS grant, In 2022, Astrome secured a contract to deploy its E-band product as part of the USOF project to connect rural areas. Specifically, Gram panchayat as to their nearby villages.

Vision/Way forward/Future plans For Media coverage required:
Astrome stands at the forefront of millimeter wave phased array technology and has a patent for their groundbreaking auto-link alignment technology. Looking ahead, Astrome sets its sights on penetrating the US market and establishing itself as a premier exporter of their advanced E-Band radio, GigaMesh. Additionally, Astrome remains committed to bridging the digital divide in India by extending rural connectivity to unconnected regions
In 2021:

A Multi-beam E-band product, GigaMesh packs multiple Point-to-Point E-band radios in one thereby distributing the cost of the device over multiple links.

In 2022:

GigaMesh 5G is wireless backhaul and mid-haul solution, millimetre wave to enhance the deployment of the 5G network to deliver high capacity (up to 8Gbps) required by 5G sites in E-band. GigaMesh forms 6 non-interfering point-to-point links with a single radio and antenna.