Velmenni Research & Development Pvt Ltd

Velmenni had a product prototype supported by a robust technology and capital expenditure was required to upgrade the technology to deliver applications as per customer feedbacks and create a product around it. We propose the DCIS team to develop a Light Communication based wireless backhaul P2P link which can deliver 1 Gbps data rates over distance of up-to 1 KM. It required a lot of capex in electronics components, PCB design & manufacturing, product packaging and also optical lenses design & development. These tech enhancements and a robust product was required to make the solution commercially deployable and create value for the telecom network ecosystem and other use cases in varied industry domains.

Velmenni has developed, Poin to Point wireless communication links using light spectrum to provide fibre-like speed wirelessly. Our product can be used to solve backhaul (4G/5G) and last mile connectivity (FTTx) challenges in RF congested environments and in areas where laying down fibre cable is challenging or not feasible. We can extend the fiber network wirelessly.