Prayogik Technologies Private Limited

Thermoelectric Module Static generator DC Power (TMSG-DC) is a highly reliable remote power supply unit working with natural gas or propane. TMSG-DC-generates electrical power converting directly heat energy into electricity. It does not contain moving parts, has an extremely long lifetime and requires minimal service. TMSGDC is meant for use as an electric direct current (DC) power and heat source as part of an autonomous power supply source (APSS). As the core part of TMSG-DC medium temperature thermoelectric module is applied. Best efficiency and reliability, based on modern technologies and know-how provide ultimate parameters. TMSG runs unattended within one year in different climatic zones at an air temperature from -50℃ to +60℃ and relative air humidity up to 98%. TMSG works in Major Sector like Oil and Gas (converting LPG/CNG to Electricity), Defense Sector (Hybrid with Solar from -40deg to +70deg Celsius), Agriculture Sector (converting biomass to electricity), Aerospace Sector (using radioisotopes to electricity for space exploration), Health Sector (Flexible TEG converting body heat to electricity for Biosensors) , Geothermal Energy (Coal Mines waste heat to electricity) and any Off Grid Sector.