BigCat Wireless focuses on developing innovative solutions in the Wireless space. These innovative solutions are a result of the deep Research focus on advanced Wireless Technologies and pioneering in translating these innovations to solutions using well defined and predictable engineering methods. BigCat Wireless is focusing to develop multiple solutions and products with a Vison of Design in India and Make in India. BigCat Wireless has a rich solution portfolio that enable accelerated time to market in the wireless space. Reference Designs are available on request and can be customized for specific market needs. The solutions portfolio includes Algorithms, IPs, solutions and ready to deploy products.

The Wireless Channel Recorder is SDR (Software Defined Radio) based platform that can be adapted to numerous Wireless Standards. The Wireless Channel recorder can used as a Wireless Test Instrument, as a Wireless recording device or as a Wireless Surveillance device. Various Wireless protocols can be supported through additional SW profiles. The USP is a SDR platform scalable with various SW profiles to support numerous Wireless Standards